EXCLUSIVE: M.O.G's Impact On The Industry, Earns Them A Spot On The Top 25 Most Downloaded Artists

They are one of the primeval gospel artists to make gospel music adorn a leather jacket and dark shades. They gave the genre a different sound maintaining the same conscious message and giving people a different image of new age gospel. Meet M.O.G people. The Men Of God who have shown indeed he does exist by appearing on the top 25 most downloaded artists of 2014!

The duo, Boss Paul Onyango and Kennedy Kimani are in the 23rd position with their last track ‘Tosheka’ still an anthem across Kenya. They also have an illimitable number of hits to their name and with their top notch lyricism, clear production and ability to always pull a rabbit out of their hats, this group has become a part of many Kenyan’s lives.

How about you give your personal playlist a new look by downloading M.O.G’s music, for free below. Enjoy! 

M.O.G Playlist

Download M.O.G - Tosheka 

Download S.M.O.G - repentance


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