Nviiri the Storyteller 'Kitenge': New Music Kenya [Official Video]

[Image Source: Kitenge Video YouTube]

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Nviiri The Storyteller has released a new video dubbed 'Kitenge' off his 'Kitenge' EP.

‘Kitenge’ is soulful jam which addresses the challenges he has faced in his journey of love, singing that they have become like the couples who wear matching Kitenge to signify the permanency of their love.

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In the song, Nviiri advises couples not to let societal pressures control their love as he keeps wondering who lied to him that love is simple. He also wonders how ‘Kitenge’ will help them stay in love forever.

On the other hand, the video is a complete body of art featuring Nviiri and his main video vixen seated together, as other vixens dance around them with a piece of ‘Kitenge’.

‘Kitenge’ has been received well and already has over fifty thousand views in the first few hours.

Sharing their views on the jam, fans praised Nviiri’s new song dubbing it as the best music of the century, while others praising the main vixen Jules who is a popular public figure, for embodying her character in this music video.

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“This is the best music of 21st century ..the media pressure and technology should not peer us with pressure....can't get enough of this song...as much as love wins , matching kitenge isituchoche,”one fan praised, with another one adding, “Jules understood the whole assignment,embodied the whole character like the goddess that she is ...I love the whole concept of this video.”


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