Mun G Responds to Claims Crysto Panda has copied His Music Style

[Img. Source: Mun G Instagram]

By Gloria

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Ugandan rapper Mun G has downplayed reports that fast-rising artist Crysto Panda ihas copied his music style. Mun G has made a name in the industry thanks to his unique style of music where he jumps on trending social media topics and composes songs out of them.

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When Crstyo Panda came to the music scene, he took a similar path, prompting netizens to accuse him of copying Mun G's music style.

Speaking during a recent interview, Mun G noted that he is pleased his music style has attracted attention in the country, adding that his work is to inspire other artists.

On the Crysto Panda debate, Mun G noted that he is proud of the fact that he is a source of inspiration and a musician that young artists like Crysto Panda chose to learn from.

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"I don't know what style of music he does but I thought he was just a TV presenter. As for my style, it is very unique and I'm happy and proud that every person who has a hit song right now came out doing my style.

"I'm only here to inspire. What importance does it have if you can't inspire? If such artists come in my style, I feel good because this means whatever I do is very big and unique. They don't copy people who are not good enough," Mun G said.

He lauded Crysto Panda for taking his music seriously, but cautioned him against attacking him in his songs and in the media.

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