Big Eye ft Pallaso 'Ffe Tuliko’: New Music Uganda

[Photo Credit: Big Eye Instagram]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Pallaso has teamed up with Big Eye for a new remix of his song titled 'Ffe Tuliko'.

 In 'Ffe Tuliko' (loosely translated from Luganda to mean 'We are trending'), Pallaso and Big Eye brag how they are taking the lead in this game called music.

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Pallaso throws his rhymes and brags that he is currently trending on both local and international playlists, getting undivided attention from music fans, mostly ladies in particular.

The jam also features self-styled Ghetto president Buchaman who comes through in the last verse with his signature patois lyrics. The audio was produced by Zion K.

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‘Ffe Tuliko’ was originally done by Big Eye but it didn't get much attention from music consumers. Pallaso being one of the top trending artists in the country right now, tagging along on the remix was a good idea because of his huge following and fame.

Pallaso is currently trending with his hit single 'Kiliza' that dropped a few weeks back.

With the collaboration, Big Eye hopes to expand his fan base in the country and revive the ‘Ffe Tuliko’ vibe.

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