Jay Rox Disses TBwoy’s Music Style: Publicity Stunt or New Beef?

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By Kinyua Mwangi

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A recent exchange of words between Jay Rox and celebrated artist TBwoy has elicited massive reactions online. Yesterday, TBwoy in a Facebook post called on Jay Rox to stop fighting him because they are both artists looking out for their fans’ musical interest.

The ‘It Could Be You’ hit maker said he has for the longest time wanted to collaborate with Jay Rox “I got a whatsapp message from Jay Rox after that issue on FB. Kaya ngat ndine nenze nachita over react olo bwanji?

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“You know truth is that I have been wanting to work with him for a long time because I love his vibe plus his serious with music too manje che ija yenze yanvekako disrespectful. Kaya mwe.. Lets just make good music bro the fight is to make the music bigger within and outside Zambia not fighting against each other,” he said.

But, Jay Rox in a hard-hitting response a few hours later told TBwoy that his songs are off the mark.

“T-Boy TBwoy TbiZzy I did not mean any disrespect to your brand bro. I just feel like the songs you’ve been sending haven’t been reaching the level that will provoke the listeners’ emotions beyond imagination. It could Be You would have been the one if you had sent it that was just me fishing but the song is already out and there’s not much that can be done. Na dabwa wayenda na live, there’s no beef here,” Jay Rox opined.

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This has left fans wondering if the ‘Auto Pilot’ hit maker is pulling a similar stunt to that of Roberto. A few months ago, he created an ‘imaginary’ beef with Robert just days before the release of ‘Mamacita’ featuring the ‘Amarulah’ star.

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