Free Download: Top Trending Swahili Gospel Mixes on Mdundo

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By Lydia M Joshua

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The Gospel is the living word of God which in the Bible is compared to living water.

This explains the unprecedented success that the gospel music has and continues to enjoy as people all around the world resonate with the message of love and hope in the music.

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Locally, there are many artists who deliver great Swahili Gospel songs that continue to save and give hope to brethren throughout the country and the East African community at large.

This article covers the top 5 Swahili Gospel Mixes which you can download for free on Mdundo.

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Swahili Gospel Mix Vol 9

This mix features inspirational songs from veteran Tanzanian gospel artist Rose Muhando.

The top songs in this mix include Rose Muhando’s; ‘Sitanyamaza’, ‘Tamalaki’, ‘Tenda Wema’, ‘Uinuliwe’, ‘Wanyamazishe’, ‘Woga Wako’, ‘Yerusalemu’, ‘Yesu Karibu Kwangu’, and ‘Shida Zangu’.

Gospel Power Worship

This mix features touching worship songs which are perfect for prayer sessions in church or in your personal space. 

The top songs include; ‘Nasema Asante’ by Sarah K, ‘Moyo Wangu’ by Patrick Kubuya, and ‘Utukufu na Heshima’ by Reuben Kigame.

Tanzania Gospel Mix

This mix contains upbeat praise songs performed by Talented Gospel artist Chris Mwahangila. It is perfect if you are looking to dance with friends and family during celebrations.

The top songs in this mix include Chris Mwahangila’s; ‘Neno La Mungu’, ‘Mungu Hawezi Kusahau’, and ‘Chunguza Moyo.

Swahili Gospel Mix Vol 9

This mix features some of the most emotional worship songs, performed by Rose Muhando.

The top songs in this mix include Rose Muhando’s; ‘Nipe Uvumilivu, ‘Raha Tupu’, ‘Shujaa Wa Msalaba’, ‘Si Salama, U-Wapi Masiha’, ‘Watashangaa’, ‘Watangoja Sana’, and ‘Utaitwa Mbarikiwa’.

Latest Of East Gospel

This mix is full of upbeat songs performed by many modern gospel artists from Kenya and all around the world. This mix is perfect when you are in a celebratory mood.

The top songs in this mix include; ‘I Know Who I Am’ by Sinach, ‘Kumbe Kumbe’ by Bahati ft Mr. Seed, ‘Vimbada’ by Jabidii ft Moji ShortBabaa, ‘Taunet Nalel’ by Guardian Angel, and ‘Kamata’ by Manolo.

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