Dr Hilderman Urges Ugandan Artists to Unite, Fight to Their Rights

[Photo Credit: Dr Hilderman Facebook]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Dr. Hilderman has urged fellow artists to use their voices to help change their image and how the music industry is viewed in Uganda.

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Many artists have come up on several occasions calling upon the relevant authorities to open up the industry which has been closed for close to two years due to the pandemic. According to Dr. Hilderman, all artists should come together and speak in one voice. He argues that artists hold a lot of power if they stand together.

"If artists knew how much power they hold, everything would change. At this time, I can only hope for our voices to get to the concerned authorities and I encourage the people who get the opportunity to meet the bigger people in command to always use the chance to let the president know that we don't just need food. We need to be the people supplying food and not vice versa. That is why we should fight to change the perception about us because our voices are enough to change our lives," he said.

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Dr. Hilderman of the Mazongoto fame is one of the few artists that won people's hearts in this year’s general Election where he was elected Mawokota North MP.

Being in a position of power, he promised to work together with the Uganda Musicians Association to improve the livelihood of artists.

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