Willy Paul Explains Why His Highly-Anticipated Collabo with Wizkid Never Happened

[Photo: Willy Paul Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Renowned Kenyan artist Willy Paul has explained why his highly-anticipated collaboration with Wizkid never happened. Speaking during an interview with Kenya online media podcasts at Saldido International Offices, Willy Paul claimed some Kenyans jeopardized his chances of working with Wizkid after sending false information to the latter’s manager.

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According to Pozee, some netizens reached out to Wizkid’s manager Sunday and allegedly told him that Willy Paul is a struggling artist without a serious brand, while his management was busy trying to follow up on the collaboration.

“Kuna hiyo time Wizkid alikam, tukapatana a group of people ama artists nini na nini, tukaongea mpaka akatuma manager wangu kwa manager wake. So funny enough time sasa tulikuwa tunafatilia, tukatumiwa screenshot na wale wasee walikuwa wameleta Wizkid, wakatuambia hivi ndivyo Sunday anasema. Sunday ni manager wa Wizkid ilikuwa imeandikwa hapo eti ‘But we are told that Willy Paul is a trying artist, he is not a serious brand. Hivyo ndio wakenya wenzangu walinichomea, which is okay ni sawa,” he said.

In addition, Willy Paul also spoke about the controversy surrounding his latest jam ‘Heartbreak’ featuring Alaine, which was uploaded on YouTube amidst claims that his account had been hacked.

Clarifying the issue, Willy Paul placed the blame on his managers, as he accused them of not correcting the release time for the music video on YouTube settings, which led to the song auto uploading at its original scheduled time.

“So tukifwatilia vizuri, hawa hawakutoa time so mi nimelala nikiamka naambiwa song ilitoka saa nane ya usiku. Nikajua account yangu ilihakiwa. Kitu nilido, kwanza nikastop hiyo song, nikaeka private actually and then nikaambia wasee account yangu imehackiwa, but nikikaa kidogo nikaona wasee wameiupload tena accounts zingine. So already walikuwa washaiupload, sikuwa na option ikabidi tu ni irelease,” he expounded.

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Currently, Willy Paul is working on his new album which he revealed would feature several international artists from diverse countries including Cameroon, Tanzania, and South Africa.

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