Mikie Wine Urges Ugandan Artists to Seek Employment as Substitute for Banned Shows

[Photo: Mikie Wine Facebook]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Mikie Wine has advised his colleagues in the industry to consider seeking formal and informal employment, as a supplementary form of income to earnings they get from music.

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Citing the current lock down and ban on shows and public gatherings, Mikie Wine urged Ugandan artists to seek anytime any form of employment other than staying at home and having the lives on pause.

"We have to stick together and help ourselves. Plus we shouldn't despise any kind of job because being an artist alone is not a job," Mikie Wine said.

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Outside music, Mikie Wine says he has done a lot of side jobs that have earned him extra cash, adding that artists should embrace the idea in order to survive, since no one knows when Covid-19 restriction will come to an end.

"Personally, I can dig, practice poultry plus many other odd jobs. You can't say you are waiting until the president lets us get back on stage to work but you have to look for something else to do to support yourself.

"Even when you were starting out with shooting videos and studio sessions, you got the money from somewhere else not music because you hadn't started out. So the way you got the money for your first studio sessions of your first song, is the same way you can go through to get money to sustain you," he opined.

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