Jose Chameleone Unveils New Group Dubbed ‘United Stars’ for Superstars Only

[Photo Credit: Jose Chameleone Instagram]

By Gloria

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Veteran Ugandan artist Jose Chameleone has started an association aimed at uniting, recognizing and celebrating top musicians who have made a name in the Ugandan music industry.

According to Jose Chameleone, the group dubbed 'United Stars' will be made up of big names in the industry who’ll make decisions on matters affecting the Ugandan music scene, advise on how to grow the industry and most importantly push for development of copyright laws.

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“It will be a group of policy makers who have the ability to determine if the Ugandan music industry is going forward or not. You have no business joining the association if you are not a star.

"This is for superstars and I will not deal with anyone without a record. Not just a tune; You don't just wake up, release a single hit song and feel you can join; it doesn't work like that," Jose Chameleone said.

Reacting to reports that he created the group to lobby for Covid-19 artists relief fund, Chameleone dismisses the claims noting that his focus is on the status of the industry after Covid-19 pandemic is dealt with.

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"People who have not seen money are the ones who will do all the greedy things to get it. Many have got money but we are looking at the industry after the money. COVID has drowned us for years and I want us to prepare this industry post COVID. After all this, where is the Ugandan music industry after two years on a standstill?" Chameleone told Spark TV.

So far, Ziza Bafana, Weasel and Pallaso have already joined the group, with Pallso being announced the head of the group’s PR.

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