Butera Knowless’ ‘Pekee Yangu’ Gains More Views amid Claims Bahati Copied Its Melody

[Photo Credit: Butera Knowless Instagram]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Rwandan musician Butera Knowless has for the past 24 hours been a subject of debate over her hit song ‘Peke Yangu’ that she released in 2015. She was roped into a debate where Kenyan artist Bahati was accused of stealing’ her creativity and did the version of the song with minor twists.

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Bahati’s new release ‘Pete Yangu’ came into scrutiny on Wednesday as fans juxtaposed the two songs and compared the similarities. While they sound so similar in beats, Bahati’s song is about love and commitment signified by a ring ‘Pete’ which is the title of the song. Butera’s song, on the other hand, speaks of commitment and undying love. She aced the Swahili lyrics all through the song.

When the copyright infringement broke on Wednesday, hundreds of Kenyans searched for ‘Pekee Yangu’ on YouTube. It was evidenced by “hours ago” comments despite the song having been released in 2015.

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Some confessed that they had to listen to the song to draw an informed conclusion on the copyright claim. “Wale tumeletwa huku na Nairobi gossip confirm kwa kulike wakuu,” IWafukho Ke said. “

Bahati ni mwizi wa mchana. Anyway since we are here lets gives this lady some likes,” Kevin Macharia stated.

Mo Jamal: “Nairobi Gossip Club Ndio Wamenituma Homework Huku, If You Know, You Know.”

But even as this happens, Butera who recently released her fifth Album ‘Inzora’ has remained silent on the issue.


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