Desire Luzinda Opens up on Relocating to US at the Peak of Her Music Career

[Photo: Desire Luzinda Facebook]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Desire Luzinda has opened up on her experience ditching celebrity life and moving to the United States, noting that it was one of the toughest moments of her life.

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Desire was a famed music in the country, but decided to leave that behind and relocate to the US in 2018 together with her daughter.

Earlier this week, she jetted back home to launch her charity foundation. Speaking during a recent interview , Desire divulged that despite having a tough transition, she has learned how to be a stronger and better person.

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 “Moving to America was a tough decision to make. I didn't know what life was going to be like but I needed to stand. My daughter was excited but I was filled with emotions because Life was so hard.

“Her life in Uganda, she had people do basic stuff for her because she was a diva. Relocating to a place where she was a nobody changed everything as she had to work for herself. Here I was a diva and had everything done for me but when I traveled, I had to work for myself. Life was tough, we work so hard and do everything hands on, something I wasn't used to. It was really rough. When you are used to a certain lifestyle where everything is done for you and you go to a place where you have to do everything for yourself, it is the hardest,” she said.

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