Pallaso Explains Why he Changed His Stage Name from ‘Lizard’

[Photo: Pallaso Instagram]

By Gloria

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Top trending Ugandan artist Pius Mayanja has revealed why he changed his stage name from 'Lizard' to 'Pallaso'. According to him, the decision was influenced by the need to move away from his family tag and chart his own path as an independent artist.

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Pallaso, just like his other brothers started doing music under Jose Chameleone's (their elder brother) Leone Island record label. At that time, his stage name was ‘Lizard’.

The name ‘Lizard’ was inspired by his elder brother’s stage name ‘Chameleone’. According to Pallaso, using the name made him appear like he was copying Chameleone, thus the decision to ditch it.

"I wanted to rebrand and I thought Pallaso was better. Pallaso related to me the most because with 'Lizard', I was emulating Chameleone. I wanted something close to my brother but I realized I'm not Chameleone and I wanted to build my own brand," Pallaso revealed.

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Pallaso further noted that he prophesied his greatness to his Spanish friends, but they ridiculed branded him a joker. This is how he came up with 'Pallaso'; which means joker.

"I used to tell my friends that I will be a superstar who will be known by the world, and they said I was a joker. They used to speak it in Spanish. That is how I came up with my name 'Pallaso'. So, I'm now a serious joker," he divulged.

Ever since he changed his stage name, Pallaso has been on an upward trend with most of his songs going viral in the country.

He is currently one of the most trending artists in the country.

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