Gabiro Guitar Opens Up on His Journey and New ‘Criminal Love’ EP

[Photo Credit: Gabiro Guitar Instagram]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Ten years ago, Rwandan musician Gabiro Guitar had a dream of becoming a musical powerhouse in Rwanda. He took part in East Africa’s musical competition Tusker Project Fame (TPF) with the hope of winning and following in the steps of his countryman Alpha Rwirangwira.

Alpha is among the pioneer winners of the TPF show back in the day.

Although Gabiro did not win the TPF competition, it molded him to become a great artist. Today, Gabiro is happy that he chose music as a part of his life.

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Last week, he released his four-track EP dubbed ‘Criminal Love’. The songs in the EP include; ‘Sexy, Igikwe, Jackie Chan and Criminal Love’.

Speaking to Mdundo in an exclusive interview, Gabiro said the EP is a big part of his musical journey.

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From the new EP, ‘Igikwe’ has emerged as a favourite and is doing rounds in Rwandan airwaves.

The song has sparked an online dance craze among fans. In ‘Igikwe’, he has featured Confy. He takes relationship and romance to another level with the song.

He showcases the best of a high-end life and what it gives back to a relationship, all of which is stunning.

He disclosed that in the new EP, he departed from the Afro-pop style and did a fusion of Dancehall and RnB.

“It is a fusion of dancehall and RnB,” Gabiro told Mdundo.

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