Gabiro Guitar Drops New ‘Criminal Love’ EP

[Photo Credit: Gabiro Guitar Instagram]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Rwandan Afro-fusion singer Gabiro Guitar has released his new four-track EP dubbed ‘Criminal Love’.

The songs in the EP include; ‘Sexy’ ‘Igikwe’ ‘Jackie Chan’ and ‘Criminal Love’.

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In Igikwe, he has featured Confy. He takes relationship and romance to another level with the song. He showcases the best of a high-end life and what it gives back to a relationship, all of which is stunning.

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Fans loved it as Gabiro’s chemistry with that of Confy gave a blended masterpiece. The new EP focuses on romantic exploits there is in the world but tells them through lyrics.

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The EP comes barely a month after he released ‘Special’. The song celebrates a special woman in his life. ‘Special’ is a great song, done with a lot of perfection, talent and musical love.

The RnB hit adds to Gabiro’s sensual songs that have sat very well with his fans all through. With ‘Special’, everything about it is exciting with sultry beats that sink the notion of a special love coupled with lots of affection for his chosen lady.

“Ni wewe my satisfaction, sometime you be my poison, at the same time you’re my cure, from the heart you are so tender I will treat you like a queen every other day…,” the lyrics read in part.

The song’s video is something worth talking about. At the start, he features a gorgeous lady who keeps the heads turning. It is a good trigger to keep watching the song’s video on repeat mode.

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