"Use My Song for Sex and Sex Alone" - Blaqbonez Cautions Listeners

Photo Source: The Citizen

By Kosiso

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Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez is absolutely bent on selling his sex over love theory. His latest album wears the title and records on the album went ahead to buttress this idea. 

Reacting to a lovey-dovey video shared by a couple on social media using his hit song “Bling” as the soundtrack, the rapper voiced his frustration and disapproval over the fact that the couple who were apparently in love was being all mushy in the video and that’s just about against what Blaqbonez stands for. 

He went ahead to share a link to his album with the caption cautioning fans to use his music for sex and sex only.

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It's quite obvious that it’s all bants but Blaqbonez has also been quite vocal in interviews about the fact that he cannot just stick to one woman. He opines that the whole concept of love is flawed. Blaqbonez is an advocate of sex over love and he’s so far doing a great job at selling this idea to his fans through his music and other forms of content.

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The sentiment attached to Blaqbonez’s Sex Over Love album has turned out to be a great marketing strategy for the rapper to even reach more audience. 

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