DJ Fantan: I Started ChillSpot Records in My Bedroom

[Photo:  Nyasha Chingono-The Guardian]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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When you visit Zimbabwe, great sounds of Zimdancehall music fill the air with most of them crediting their existence to ChillSpot Records.

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Based in Mbare, Chillspot has become the ‘voice of reason’ for your talented artistes. The label has been shaping social and political debate in Zimbabwe.

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DJ Fantan is a founder of the label together with DJ Levels and Ribbe. The trio who were years aback great entertainers realized that they had more to do than just deejaying.

Consumed by the passion to make great music, Fantan decided to give a shot at music production and started ChillSpot six years ago in his bedroom.

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“We started off as DJs, we would just play at parties, but one day we realised that there was a need to create music. Our first studio was in my bedroom. Many artists made their hits from there nearly six years ago,” he told the Guardian.

Fantan says Zimdancehall has a special way of resonating with people because it highlights societal issues affecting Zimbabweans. This is what has led to its growth as a musical powerhouse.

“I think the reason why people like our genre is that it resonates with their daily struggles. If the ghetto is happy, you will hear us sing about that but if people are struggling, we tailor our message,” Fantan added.

Some of the young artistes recording music at the label confess that it has come a long way to help them stay off crime and drugs in an economy punctuated by joblessness.

One of such youth is Ras Caleb who thanks the label every day for nurturing his talent.

 “Music has changed my life; I would never be where I am today. Now I can take care of my family from the proceeds of the music, but it has taken years of determination,” he says.

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