Debate Ensues over Ownership of Next Level Music Launched by Rayvanny

[Photo: Cyclone Times]

By Paul A.

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After launching the Next Level Music stable, Rayvanny has been on the receiving end over the label's ownership. Since unveiling the label, Rayvanny has been the face of the stable, but critics claim he does not own the entity fully.

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Following the allegations, WCB manager Mkubwa Fella has warned against the speculations stating that NLM's ownership debate is irrelevant and critics should focus on the bigger picture.

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He said there is nothing wrong with an external entity owning shares in the label because it is a model used globally in other countries like the United States. According to Fella, the investor in the label saw something in Rayvanny, and critics should let the artist thrive.

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“Inawezekana Rayvanny kuwa kivuli? Yule mtu mbona hajaweka pesa kwa mtu mwengine, kwa sababu Rayvanny ako na kipaji… mtu akiweka share si shida...kwenye muziki huko Amerikani watu wameweka share. Mtu akiweka share si shida,”said Fella.

Rayvanny has never publicly addressed the stable's ownership. Currently, the singer has camped in South Africa, finalizing video shoots for his artist that is expected to be unveiled soon.

The NLM label was launche dearly this year as an entity under Wasafi records. While unveiling the label, Rayvanny noted that it was meant to empower and nurture young artists.

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