Babou Tight King Releases New Afro-beat Hit ‘Bossman’ [Video]

[Photo Credit: Inyarwanda]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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‘Bossman’ is the new anthem in Rwanda rocking the airwaves courtesy of Babou Tight King featuring a host of artists among them Gabiro Guitar, Sintex, MC Tino and Skpado

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Di Shatta Babou took over ‘Bossman’ to become Rwanda’s flagship Afro-beat hit with close semblance to the kind of music in Nigeria. Were it not for the Kinyarwanda part that comes in heavy at the beginning, one would thing that “Bossman” is a Nigerian song.

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The special vibe in ‘Bossman’ is the hunger for a great and successful life. It projects a life ruled by big moves often made by people who have attained a certain level of financial freedom.

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The song has elicited massive reactions with some of his fans noting that the song inspires them to work harder without giving up because things have been tight for the last one year due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic.

“Everyone: this year has been a lot so far, we need deliverance. Babou, Gabiro, Sintex, Skipado: Say no more,” Angelo Ishimwe said.

The decision to feature Sintex, MS Tino and Skpado worked well for the jam as it has appewlaed to a larger audience.

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