Octopizzo Slams Artists Who Met Deputy President William Ruto, Terms Them ‘Opportunists’

[Photo Credit: William Ruto Twitter]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Renowned Kenyan musician Octopizzo has reacted to the highly publicized meeting between several celebrated Kenyan artists and Deputy President William Ruto. The meeting which was attended by renowned Kenyan artists has stirred an ethical debate online, with different artists coming out to speak on the issue.

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Taking to his Twitter account, Octo slammed the said artists for using the current pandemic as an excuse to become opportunists. “So “Covid” imefanya “wasani” wakue opportunists. Niliwasho hizi watu ni mambleina wote mkadhani ni jokes sasa ona. Hizi gani,”he posted.

Among those who came out in support of Octo were King Kaka and Noti Flow. Responding to Octo’s tweet, King Kaka said “Hahahaha Ata Mimi nilidhani uko hapo . Kumbe Wewe ni Mtrue.”

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On the other hand, Noti Flow posted a detailed message on her Insta stories in support of Octopizzo, slamming the artists who attended for being sellouts and selfish.

“For once OctoZero has a point. How can people be so blind? We clearly know after the elections we’ll never see these people pretending to be with us ever again. We need a lifetime solution. Not some peanuts to silence us for now. We want something substantial for the people like jobs for the youths for instance to sustain them in the long run. These artists should stop being sellouts. So cheap. Think of the millions of people suffering underground and not just about yourself. Selfish like the politicians #theydontreallycareaboutus,” she wrote.

On Friday, DP Ruto met a group of artists led by Khaligraph to discuss ways of cushioning of the arts industry during this time when the government has banned public gatherings.

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