2Baba Calls Outs NCDC For Covid Travel Scam and Extortion

[Image Source: Instagram]

by Kosiso

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Nigerian music legend, 2Baba was a frustrated figure when he shared a couple video clips of himself and several others stranded at the airport. According to 2Baba the Nigerian Centre for Disease and Control, NCDC failed to provide travelling Nigerians with the necessary documents required for travelling even after making payment.

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Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, there’s a compulsory arrival test required for anybody coming into the country to certify that they are Covid 19 negative. Upon payment of the stipulated fee, a QR Code is then issued to each passenger declaring them fit to fly. The frustration of 2Baba and other Nigerians at the airport was the fact the designated portal for processing this failed to provide a QR Code even after successful payment hereby hindering / delaying passengers from flying.

2Baba lambasted NCDC for their failure and incompetence in making sure the codes and other necessary documents required for travel are provided in time for travellers.

He said;

“NCDC you people better wake up because you’re causing serious problems and hardship for people traveling.

“You keep requesting for ransoms and codes from travelers yet your workers are nowhere to be found even when they know that people travel every day.

“An agency that knows that people travel every second will close, even when they are called nobody answers.

“It’s ridiculous that the NCDC compulsory COVID19 arrival test portal collects 50k per passenger and fails to deliver QR code.

“Passengers are stranded at the airport, business and personal commitments messed up.

“This NCDC scam and extortion must spot because this is wickedness and its very frustrating”.

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