Nameless, Samidoh Top Trending Kenya Videos in April 2021

[Photo: Nameless Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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April has started in style with various pranks for April fool’s day and excellent music from our top artists. In addition, Kenyan artists have been keeping us entertained with new hot and trending music. This article reviews the top trending music videos in April 2021.

Te Amo - Nameless and Wahu

‘Te Amo’ is a song that talks of flirty, fun, light, love and initial attraction between a man and a woman. This is the first ever collaboration between Nameless and his wife Wahu. It is off  their soon to be released album.

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Punguza Kasheshe - Khaligraph

‘Punguza Kasheshe’ is an upbeat Hip-Hop jam that is directed at people who talk too much without any facts. The hit directly addresses haters who have been trying to create ‘beefs’ between Khaligraph and artists who he claims are not on the same level as him.

Ihinda Ringi - Samidoh

‘Ihinda Ringi’ is a Kikuyu song by Samidoh in which he prays to God and thanks Him for always being there and giving him another chance when he falls. The song is complete with creatively directed visuals by Patma Austin.

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Umo Waku - Wilberforce

‘Umo Waku’ is an upbeat Kamba song which features renowned Kamba artist Wilberforce. The song is about the favor of God. Wiberforce gives examples of Esther and Joseph who received favor from God, and reminds Christians not to forget their purpose in life once they receive favor from God.

Haga ya Karao - Benzema, Kahush, Scar Mkadinali and Rojay

‘Haga ya Karao’ is a slow sensual jam which features Benzema, Kahush, Scar Mkadinali and Rojay rapping to a groovy instrumental. Each artist brings their style in the jam which blends well and shows the artistry of Ashi Akatsa and ABH who mixed and mastered the song.

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