BBI: 4 Songs That’ve Become Synonymous with Kenya’s Referendum Push

[Photo Credit: Mt KenyaTimes]

By Lydia M Joshua

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The push for a referendum in Kenya has moved one step closer after county assemblies passed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), Bill. The Bill which came to life after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta shook hands has created a movement throughout the country.

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One key element that has been undeniable throughout this whole process is the position of music in entertaining and pushing the BBI Bill to the masses. 

This article reviews some of the songs that have now become synchronized with BBI Bill even as the political scene continues to heat up:

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Tuungane na BBI - Ben Githae

‘Tuungane na BBI’ is an informative song delivered by Ben Githae. In this song, he notes that BBI will foster unity and patriotism in the country. He also adds that the initiative will change the way we all work and create progress.

BBI Kenya Moja - Onyi Jalamo

In ‘BBI Kenya Moja’ Onyi Jalamo foresees that BBI will bring unity and cure tribalism and corruption in the country. Jalamo also adds that the BBI program is inclusive of all people.

Nobody Can Stop Reggae - Lucky Dube

‘Nobody can Stop Reggae’ was a signature song in most BBI rallies. The jam which was penned down by Lucky Dube years ago speaks of ‘reggae’ of being too strong to be stopped a sentiment that BBI supporters have localized to push for the initiative.

BBI Kenya - Stella Mengele

‘BBI Kenya’ by Stella Mengele celebrates the changes that will be brought as the result of the implementation of BBI. The song states that BBI will bring Kenyans together and enable all of us to experience the fruits of unity.

In conclusion, the position of music in creating, mobilizing, and passing the BBI initiative is undeniable. With music like ‘Nobody Can Stop Reggae’ being localized, we can only wait and see what more music is in store for us along the way.


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