Lucky Dube Biography, Early life, Music Career, Albums, Awards, Family and Net worth

By Branice Nafula

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How Old and Where was Lucky Dube from? 

Artist as Singer Songwriter: Lucky Dube

Name: Lucky Philip Dube

Date of Birth: 3 August 1964 (would be 56 years)

Genre: Reggae

Net worth: Approximately USD 1million to 5 million

How was Lucky Dube’s Early Life?

Lucky Philip Dube was a South African reggae musician and Rastafarian. Lucky Dube was born in Ermelo, formerly of the Eastern Transvaal, now of Mpumalanga.

His parents separated before his birth and so he was raised by a single mother, Sarah. His mother named him Lucky because of the failed pregnancies before his birth. He has two siblings Patrick and Thandi Dube. Lucky Dube drew inspiration from Jimmy Cliff and Peter Tosh, he felt the socio-political messages associated with Jamaican reggae were relevant to a South African audience in an institutionally racist society. Lucky was a farmer in his early life.After realizing farming did not meet the cost of living at the time, he decided to back to school.

How was Lucky Dube’s Music career?

While in school, he joined the choir, where his love for music began. He and his friends formed his first musical ensemble, called The Skyway Band.At the age of 18 Dube joined his cousin's band, The Love Brothers, playing Zulu pop music known as Mbaqanga whilst funding his lifestyle by working for Hole and Cooke as a security guard at the car auctions in Midrand. The Love Brothers later signed to Teal Record Company, under Richard Siluma. Under the label, Lucky and The Love Brothers recorded their first studio album Lucky Dube and the Supersoul.

Lucky Dube and the Supersoul became a brand for the South African icon for a while. 

On the release of his fifth album, Dave Segal (who became Dube's sound engineer) encouraged him to drop the "Supersoul" element of the name.   All subsequent albums were recorded as Lucky Dube. At this time Dube began to note fans were responding positively to some reggae songs he played during live concerts. He recorded 22 albums in Zulu, English and Afrikaans in a 25-year period and was South Africa's best and biggest-selling reggae artist.

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Lucky Dube albums      

  • Slave (1988)
  • Together as one (1988)
  •  Prisoner (1989)
  • Captured (1990)
  • House of Exile (1991)
  • Victims (1993)
  • Trinity (1995)
  • Serious Reggae Business(1996)
  • Taxman (1997)
  • The Way It is (1999)
  • Soul Taker (2001)
  • The Rough Guide to Lucky Dube(2001)
  • Africa’s Reggae King (2001)
  • The Other Side(2003)
  • Respect (2006) 
  • Think About the Children (2006) 
  • Umadakeni (2006)

Did Lucky Dube win any awards?

In 1989, the reggae artist won four OKTV Awards for Prisoner and won another for Captured Live .In 1996, Lucky Dube was named the Best-Selling African Recording Artist at the World Music Awards. The artist also won the International Artist of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards. The reggae musician’s next three albums each won South African Music Awards.

How many Wives and Children did Lucky Dube have?

Lucky Dube was first married to

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