5 Songs That Inspired Top Bongo Musicians to Bounce Back from Their Lowest Points

[Photo Credit: CitiMuzik]

By Paul A.

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Current bongo musicians dominating charts have come a long way. Before making it, some were on the verge of quitting the industry, while others faded out and struggled to make a comeback. All in all, they were saved by specific releases. This article looks at five songs that defined the careers of some bongo musicians and rescued them from their lowest points.

Mwana - Alikiba

Alikiba dominated bongo music for years before taking a break around 2010. While the singer was on the verge of disappearing from the scene, he signed up with Sony Music to release his comeback song 'Mwana'. The song’s production was of high quality, from the video to the lyrics. Since the release, King Kiba is gunning for continental success.


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Iokote - Maua Sama

Maua Sama was almost quitting music before she begged producer Abba to give him the 'Iokote' song. The singer is on record stating that before the release, she was contemplating going back to her professional career after failing to attain success in the music industry. From 'Iokote', Sama now holds the record for the female bongo singer with the most views from a single song.


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Number one - Diamond

Diamond, in a recent interview, revealed that he put everything into producing ‘Number One.’ The singer notes that he almost went bankrupt. He was forced to take loans to sustain his career after the release. However, the track paid off, earning a collabo with Davido, and the rest is history.


Sophia - Ben Pol

Before this release, Ben Pol was a businessman; however, he went bankrupt and started from scratch. Therefore, the singer decided to head back to the studio and put his heart and soul into releasing ‘Sophia’ The song returned all the losses made in his businessman era.

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Muziki - Darassa

Due to a personal issue, Darassa took a break from music. He found inspiration and came back with ‘Muziki,’ where he featured Ben Pol. This song ruled the airwaves back in 2016. Since then, Darassa is a formidable force in the bongo hip hop scene.


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