VALENTINES 2021: 5 Best Songs to Listen to on Valentine’s Day

[Photo Credit: Bahati Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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The month of love is here, and social media platforms are full of couples who are undertaking different love challenges and we love to see it.

So, we have compiled a list of best songs for you to listen to on Valentine’s Day alone or with your partner:

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La vie - Tanasha Donna ft Mbosso

La vie is a love song which was sung by our beautiful Tanasha featuring Mbosso. The song was beautifully done and reminds us why it feels great to love and be loved. ‘La vie’ is full of endearing lyrics and is a perfect jam for Valentine’s Day.

Regina - Otile Brown ft Jux

‘Regina’ is the 5th video off Otile Brown’s debut album dubbed ‘Just in Love’.

The love song is sung melodiously by both artists, praising their lover with beautiful rhyming lyrics making it one of the perfect jams for Valentine’s day.

One and Only - Bahati ft Tanasha

‘One and Only’ is a slow sensual song that revolves around everlasting love with your one and only partner. The coziness between Tanasha and Bahati as they deliver this love song makes it a perfect jam to grace your day with love.

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Najua by Bahati ft Vivian 

‘Najua’ celebrates the love shared between couples. The video features a wedding setting between Bahati and Vivian. Complete with beautiful lyrics, ‘Najua’ is an amazing love song to didecate with your loved one this Valentine Day.

Forget You -  Bensoul

‘Forget You’ is a promise to the lady that Bensoul loves. The jam is complete with an acoustic video, which delivers authentic and raw lyrics. The acoustic video makes ‘Forget You’ the perfect jam to end your track list on Valentine’s Day.


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