EXCLUSIVE: A Fundamental Weekend Plan!


'Fundamentals ' rock-star and  dialect singer, Ken Wa Maria is set to officially drop the remix of his all time favourite, Fundamentals on the 31st of this month but is inviting you all this Saturday the 25th Kataro Club Donholm Cereals Board Parking to get an aperitif of what will grace your ears come the official drop.

Courtesy Of Ken Wa Maria

The remix is set feature moving Bongo singer, Hussein Machozi . So apart from the rather obvious reason of Ken Wa Maria being a constant hit maker, you should look forward to having two different artists from contrasting genres blending to give you a single product. Hussein Machozi is an adept singer, credited with stirring emotion in people, hence the question of what style he will decide to administer on this track.

Am sure we are all equally eager so as we wait, enjoy the video to Fundamentals in the link above and download the original song HERE for reminescense purposes. Enjoy!  

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