Stonebwoy Claim Sarkodie Reported Him to the Police, to Teach Him a Lesson

Photo courtsey of Ghanaweb

By Naliaka Kitui

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Dancehall artiste Livingstone Etse Sateka popularly known by his stage name as Stonebwoy has revealed that rapper Sarkodie reported him to the police after he had a burst up with his manager Angel Town earlier in August with the aim of teaching him a lesson.
Stonebwoy had been rumoured to have hit Angel Town at the rehearsal ground for the Black Love concert. Stonebowy later denied reports of him carrying weapons during that time which he then apologized but Sarkodie was disappointed in his actions after not including him in the concert.
However, Stonebwoy did not understand why Sarkodie, who he once looked up to, would report him to the police after he had made peace with him thus calling Sarkodie a ‘hypocrite’
“I have a clean heart towards my brother Sarkodie, I had love for this brother sometime. It was love that made me come there; everyone saw that it was he who unfollowed me first and tried to delete the artwork that showed that I was going to come to the show,” Stonebwoy said on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z.

He added, “It was really what happened but you don’t want to drive your friend to the police station and tell them to strike and lock your man-dem. I wouldn’t do that to you. I have a family like you do. They know Sark but won’t say it. I might lose a few things saying the truth but 2020 has thought us to be truthful.”
As per Stonebwoy, Ghana people love disagreements and he is more than willing to give them that because after all Sarkodie threatened to show him lesson. “Now you say you want to show me, what wrong I have done you? Take time brother, we are all brands. My wife will be like Stonebwoy there you go again, but this is Ghana, this what they like to talk about.

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