Naiboi Opens Up on Why he Chose to sign up Band BeCa

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By Lydia M Joshua

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Celebrated Kenyan musician Naiboi has opened up on why he chose to sign Band BeCa girl group on his Naiboi Worldwide record label.

Speaking during an interview with Switch TV, Naiboi explained that he decided to sign the group because they are talented and he wanted to help them grow.

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“I'm so invested in the music industry. I am emotionally driven at times so when I see someone is really talented and I feel like I can get you from point A to point B, I feel like that becomes my responsibility and ni wadeadly extremely. I know with time guys will come and see and say okay we see what you're seeing.

“For me to see and nyamaza is not doing my part. I have to act and make sure that watu wameaffectiwa na their presence and their talent,” he said, quoting his latest collaboration with Band BeCa ‘Inaniaffect’.

Naiboi noted that he is happy with how the band was being received by the public, adding that fans should expect more new music from Band BeCa.

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“Naweza kusema, you can't push food through people's throats, you have to add spices ndio watu wakule. So that is what we are working on. People can’t like you immediately, you have to build it and I'm very grateful that guys are seeing the growth, they're seeing the change in every sector and we are very happy about it. Guys just be ready for more and more from Band BeCa,” he divulged.

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