Chosen Becky Hails Kamenyo for Nurturing her to Become Top Singer

[Photo Credit:Chosen Becky Instagram]

By Gloria

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At 18 years, Ugandan musician Chosen Becky had a big breakthrough in the music industry with her hit song 'Bankuza' which went viral and became the biggest song of 2018.

Victor Kamenyo; a renowned Ugandan rapper  had signed Chosen Becky before the big break, and was responsible for guiding and nurturing Becky as she was still young and new to professional music.

A couple of months after 'Bankuza' went viral, the pair had a misunderstanding forcing Chosen Becky to walk away from her mentor.

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Years may have passed since the bitter split, but Chosen Becky is still grateful to Kamenyo for the big role he played in her now flourishing career.

In a Facebook post, Chosen Becky gave a shout out to the rapper plus two other important figures in her career.

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"Kamenyo you taught me to always humble myself to everyone and always love with a true heart, all the charity in me began with your strong teachings and that cute heart in you," she posted.

Responding to Becky, Kamenyo wished her all the best in her career.

"If you're blessed to be appreciated by someone while you're still alive, you have to be glad. I thank Chosen Becky for that heart. I pray she continues being humble and strong. I remember she used to fear what people always said about her. I'm happy that she is successful and can actually talk about me like that," Victor said.

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