Ykee Benda Praises Dre Cali as he Celebrates One Year under Mpaka Records

[Photo Credit:Dre Cali Instagram]

By Gloria

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Two years ago, renowned Ugandan musician Ykee Benda unveiled his own record label dubbed Mpaka Records; a project that took him two years to set up.

He then signed his very first artist Dre Cali under the label and has been doing a great job in promoting him.

Dre Cali has arguably one of the best songs in the country at the moment dubbed 'Ebisooka Ne'bisembayo' and he recently dropped his new 'Ekifuba' EP which is slowly gaing traction on digital streaming platforms.

Dre Cali Finally Drops 'Ebisoka Nebisembayo' Visuals

Early this week, the label celebrated Dre's first year anniversary and Ykee Benda couldn't be more proud of the unique talent he has nurtured.

"I'm so grateful that we have made it through this day but I'm so proud of him. We have these dreams as artists, only Dre Cali can tell you exactly how he feels. He is a very young man but so humble. He is very talented and a good artist and I'm proud. I'm grateful but I thank him so much because he adds so much value to me," Ykee told journalists.

Dre Cali Drops New Emotional Song Dubbed ‘Ekifuba’

On his part, Dre Cali promised that he will be releasing a new song with Ykee Benda plus a couple of other music projects after elections in 2021.

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