DH Golden Music Seminar by Diana Hopesonto be held on November 19

Image courtsey of MusicinAfrica

By Naliaka Kitui

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DH Golden Music Seminar’ was created with an aim of equipping those in art industry with necessary knowledge about intellectual property and related issues. The November edition is set to be hosted by the Veteran gospel musician Diana Hopeson.
The two editions that took place in September and October respectively are reported to have turned out successful. “I have noticed that a lot of musicians do not know much about the practices of the industry, the terminology, and some intellectual property rights. So, this activity is to help educate musicians and creative people in terms of copyright issues…” the former president of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) told Ghana Web.
The seminar to be held at 2pm via zoom due to efforts to prevent the spread of corona virus and the topics to be discussed are ‘Song writing and Publishing’, ‘The New Aftown Platform’ and Special Feature Presentation’. The seminar is part of activities lined up for the celebration of the music legend’s 50th anniversary. The CEO of Madison Corporation (Canada) Jury Krytiuk and the CEO of Aftown Jeff Seneadza are expected to attend the event.

“We’re doing it for a whole year. It’s the golden jubilee anniversary and we’re celebrating it for a year. Every month, there is a music industry seminar. In Ghana, many musicians do not really go to school to train to be musicians; it’s the talent that brings them out,” said Diana Hopeson as she highlighted why one cannot afford to miss.

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