Ibraah’s YouTube Channel Finally Restored

[Photo Credit: Ibraah TZ Instagram]

By Paul A.

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Konde Worldwide singer Ibraah’s YouTube channel has finally been restored.

The channel was terminated on October 16th without any specific reason. However, since the termination, the Konde Worldwide team has been busy engaging YouTube for restoration.

The restoration was confirmed by Konde Worldwide boss Harmonize through an Instagram post.

“The King is back On YouTube Let’s go @ibraah_tz…” posted Harmonize.

Commenting on the account restoration, Ibraah stated that his fans should expect a new song soon.

“Ahsante Mwenyezi Mungu, Ahsante Mashabiki Zangu Kwa Uvumilivu wenu Juu Yangu! Account Yangu ya YouTube Now iko Hewani! Unaweza Kuendelea Ku enjoy Content Zangu Na Subscribe Now Sababu Week Haiishi Narudi Tena ,” posted Ibraah.

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Despite confirming the account restoration, the Konde Worldwide team did not speak about the reasons for the termination.

However, it is alleged that YouTube took the move over copyright infringement claims.

In most cases, YouTube usually terminates accounts after issuing three strikes warning. Notably, Harmonize has suffered a fair share of issues with YouTube. At some point early this year, his ‘Afro East’ album was pulled down from the platform due to copyright issues. However, he managed to resolve the claims.


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