Zuchu Features Joeboy in New Video ‘Nobody’

[Photo Credit: Zuchu YouTube]

By Branice Nafula

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Fast-rising Tanzanian musician Zuchu has dropped a new track dubbed ‘Nobody’ featuring Nigerian singer Joeboy.

‘Nobody’ is a song of two people expressing their love desires each other.

In the song, Zuchu assures Joeboy that ‘Nobody’ loves her like he does, and in return Joeboy assures her that ‘Nobody’ likes him like she does.

“Just a minute ago I was thinking about you leo, I was thinking about you leo, I was thinking about you leo, Just to let them know hawafikii chako cheo……Imagine your smile ndio inayonifanya naweweseka moyo, imagine your love ndio ananifanya linanifanya nakua bwoyoyo….” the song’s lyrics read in part.

The chemistry betweenJoeboy and Zuchu is unbelievable. Their vocals and grove in ‘Nobody’ leaves no room for speculation.

Judging by her consistency and strategic collaborations, Zuchu is keen to solidify her place in the Tanzania music industry and the continent at large.

Ever since she was unveiled in March this year, Zuchu has been dropping hit after hit, leaving no room for competitors to catch up.

Studying her YouTube channel, it is clear that she rarely goes three weeks before posting a new video or releasing a new project. The consistency is clearly working as she is one of the best musicians in Tanzania at the moment.

On YouTube, the ‘Nobosy’ video is doing really well and has over 100,000 views in one hour.


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