Zuchu Addresses Claims of Using Witchcraft to Promote Her Music

[Photo Credit: Music in Africa]

By Paul A.

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WCB singer Zuchu has addressed claims of using witchcraft to promote her music.

With about seven months in the music industry, Zuchu has achieved great success for new musicians emerging as one of the biggest female artists in East Africa.

With the success, allegations emerged that Zuchu was deploying ‘black magic’ to promote her works. This is after one of Zuchu’s video featured a scene while she was visiting a magician.

However, speaking during a recent interview, Zuchu dismissed the reports stating she has never visited witchdoctors and has no idea where to find one.

 “Mimi ni hofu ya mwenyezi Mungu...ntatadangaya nikisema naenda kwa mganga...ni mapokezi yangu imewashutua wengi...Kikubwa ni hardwork na tengeneza nyimbo, ndio naaza sasa. Kwa miezi sita sijafanya chochote,” said Zuchu.

Zuchu also addressed allegations that her label invests her more compared to other artists. The ‘Litawachoma’ singer stated that it is the work of the label to promote her since she has a talent.

Following her successful stint, music critics claimed that Zuchu as a singer is not able to achieve the milestone on her own. According to Zuchu, she has been in the background for a long and it is her time to shine.

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