Nigeria News: Justin UG Releases His EP “Vibes With UG”

Photo: Courtesy Justin Ugs Press Release

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Talented Nigerian artist, Justin Ug has joined forces with Nano Shayray and Jaayreleased to release a 2-track EP, “Vibes with Ug”. Heavily carried by rhythmic Afrobeat melodies, both tracks "Monalisa" and "Bridget" dominantly dwell on the theme of love, bringing out the yearning one has towards their significant other.
Produced by BadTheSoundBoy, "Monalisa" is a track that immediately demands your attention with its infectious melodies. The protagonist intends to clear the air by addressing his doubts by asking his lover for, begging her to say she loves him and not the money “....No dey play my head oh Why you make me doubt say you love me not my money...”

Justin showcases a more upbeat style on "Bridget", the second track of this debut. Here we see the singer use his witty wordplay and honest lyricism to let his intentions be known in a fun bubbly manner to capture the emotions of new love“....I’ve been searching for so long for somebody to love me like you…”. This single is produced by FK.

Born Justin Ugonna, Justin Ug was inspired by the work of comedian Desi Banks, his first foray into the creative sphere was through making comedic skits and dancing online. Starting in 2009, he was right on time for the explosion of social media platforms like Vine, Twitter, and Instagram, making a name for himself with humorous skits including those that drew upon his personal experiences growing up in Abuja, Nigeria.

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