Rekles Releases New Single Dubbed 'Deep Down'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Rekles has been making moves and we are not mad because he is here to remind us that he is the it guy with his new single dubbed ‘Deep Down’ and deep down we know Rekles is pure talent and straight fire, especially in this one.

‘Deep Down’ is an almost braggadocio song that also cuts across Rekles taking up his space in the industry and owning it. It is important for a hip-hop industry to be full of such pride from different artists regardless of there being real beef and this is what Rekles is riding on with this single.

The single is a fusion between hip-hop and dancehall. It has a progression that is quite different from what we have heard from Rekles before. The beat starts off in a very minimalist way with a pitched humming strum to it which is then layered quite heavil. This balances out the single and gives that gangsta yet laid back persona that Rekles seeks to achieve both in sound and lyrically.

The video has that soft and gangsta balance too; we watch Rekles with his crew in the gym. The assumption in this video is that Rekles is the don and everyone around him does the heavy lifting. We also watch Rekles in his don seat with his queen; which is the soft balance in the video. It is a black-scaled video which fits well with Rekles’s demeanor in the song.

I bet we are just starting to get the best of Rekles and he is really on a new level. Catch a fire vibe with Rekles on ‘Deep Down’.

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