5 Videos That’ve Stood Out from Zuchu’s ‘Cheche’ Dance Challenge

[Photo Credit: Pulse Live]

By Branice Nafula

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Fast-rising Tanzanian artiste Zuchu is currently one of the trending artistes across Africa following the release of her viral ‘Cheche’ video featuring Diamond Platnumz.

The ‘Cheche’ video has gone viral online and has over one million views in under 24 hours.

Many hashtags have been created around the new jam with fans trying to develop interesting content around the song.

A number of videos and covers have been done using #Cheche challenge with Diamond and Zuchu posting some of the best covers on their social media handles.

This article looks at some of the videos that stood out from the #Cheche dance challenge. The videos are in no particular order:

Zuchu’s Video

As the owner of the song, Zuchu did a short dance video explaining to her fans how they challenge should be executed. Her video has well-choreographed moves that fans are now trying to replicate.

Watch the Video HERE

Diamond Platnumz and Angel Nyigu

The duo did the song’s choreography offset and the video has since gone viral. The video is proof that Diamond is not only a talented singer but also a prolific dancer.

Watch the Video HERE

Wasafi Media Presenters

The presenters are currently on vacation at Wasafi Village and decided to participate in the challenge as a way of unwinding.

Watch the Video HERE

Mombasa Couple

The couple is seen doing a sing along to the Cheche song. The two are obviously in love and have done an excellent job in replicating Zuchu and Diamond.

Watch the Video HERE

Table Dancer

In this video, we see a lady dancing to ‘Cheche’ on top of her table as others encourage her to keep whining her waist.

Watch the Video HERE


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