Sza Makes Comeback With New Single Dubbed 'Hit Different' Featuring Ty Dolla Sign

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Sza keeps hitting us with unexpected new music and we are not mad because we cannot wait for another full album from her. She just released a new single featuring Ty Dolla Sign dubbed ‘Hit Different’.

‘Hit Different’ is a single about how everything almost feels different in relationships when there are other factors carrying it through besides just love. Sza and Ty Dolla Sign are both talented writers and vocalists which really pack the song with a lot of beautiful and melancholic emotion.

The audio is a beautiful fusion of some ol’skool RnB beats and neo-soul. The beat goes through a transition to create an outro effect to the song; it is here when the song becomes a neo-soul single.

Sza has obviously established a niche for her sound which is alternative RnB which is a lot of times layered with mumble singing. This is no different for this song and she layers the beat with beautiful continuous vocals which cannot be quite classified as runs but she is clear about her vocal delivery and range. Ty Dolla Sign takes over the chorus/hooks in the song and taps into that Sza singing swag.

The video taps into the feel of the song with some 90s monochromatic swag; blues and oranges. It is shot in what seems like a farm with all its machinery and produce being used as props. The video is directed by Sza herself.

We keep hoping for a full album from Sza but in the meantime, catch a vibe with her and Ty Dolla Sign on ‘Hit Different’.

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