Introducing Kenya's finest acapella group, Pentamony

Harmony, honest, pure, soulful, celestial are just some of the many understatements that describe one of Africa’s greatest vocal and acoustic group Pentamony.

The group, crowned as the kings of acapella music in Kenya, was formed way back in 1999 when they were students at Upperhill High School. Initially the group had five members but along the way three of the group members left. Luckily they were able to regroup and recruit to make them five again; and they are back to take the music scene by storm.

Speaking to Mdundo on a phone interview, lead singer Phillip Tuju expressed his enthusiasm about the RnB acapella group and promised to execute their musical prowess through the use of instruments like violin, guitars and flute to blend in their vocals.

“The blend of our instruments and voices is key to the kind of music we do so our fans should definitely look forward to hearing more of that; we’ll be releasing acoustic and acapella songs every week,” said phillip.

The other members include; Benson Mutahi, Derek Asena, Moses Msengeti and Levi Brown.

They recently signed up as artists on Mdundo and you can download their music via the link below.

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