Jabidii & Phyllis Mbuthia Collaborate To Release New Single Dubbed 'Murata/Friend'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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It is always exciting to watch artists with different target audiences come together to create good music. This is what Jabidii and Phyllis Mbuthia have done with their new collaborative single titled ‘Murata/Friend’.

‘Murata/Friend’ talks about the friend that is Jesus. Jabidii and Phyllis Mbuthia penned down a very reflective single where they are grateful and in awe of what they have been through with God always coming through.

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Jabidii and Phyllis Mbuthia have very different styles and target audiences; Jabidii is more reggae/dancehall to the younger masses while Phyllis is more calm with her music for the Kikuyu community probably older generation. They have however put together a song that speaks to both with a very minimalistic beat for it and mixing Kikuyu, English, Swahili and sheng to make it accessible to everyone who might listen to it.

The video is shot using natural lighting with about three different scenes. Both Jabidii and Phyllis don coordinated outfits for the different scenes. The video is as calm as the audio with the colours used, the backgrounds and courtesy of Jabidii and Phyllis being the only people in it.

This song is definitely bound to find way in the set list for many worship bands. Catch a vibe with Jabidii and Phyllis Mbuthia on ‘Murata/Friend’.


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