Chege Chingunda Hints at Working with TMK Wanaume Family Again

By Branice Nafula

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Tanzanian music star Chege Chigunda has opened up about the possibility of working with his former group TMK Wanaume.

Speaking during an interview at Wasafi TV’s Big Sunday Live show, Chege expressed his desire to work with TMK Wanaume family again.

“..@chegechigunda amefunguka kuwa yupo tayari kuanza kufanya kazi pamoja na TMK Wanaume Family, Pia amewaahidi mashabiki kutegemea kazi zaidi za pamoja na @mhtemba,” Wasafi TV quoted Chege.

Chege is one of the biggest artistes in Tanzania and a reunion with his then musical group would be a good thing for music lovers across the nation.

On its part, TMK Family is among the best music groups in Tanzania. Initially, the group was made up of; Mheshimiwa Temba, Juma Nature, Y Dash, Chege, Inspector Haroun, Dolo, Rich One and KR.

They were famed for big hits like Dar Mpaka Moro. However, the group split into two, with Juma Nature, Dolo, Rich One and KR starting their own faction dubbed TMK Wanaume Halisi.

Following the separation, Chege decided to pursue a solo music career and has been doing really well, dropping several top jams.

At the moment, Chege is riding high with his new hit ‘Pekupeku’ featuring legendary poet Mrisho Mpoto.

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