How Konde Worldwide Has Outshined Wasafi During Quarantine

By Paul A

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Since launching his Konde Worldwide record label, Harmonize has shown his intentions of taking over the bongo music industry.

As a result, there is a perceived beef between him and his former employers at Wasafi records.

At Konde Worldwide, Harmonize has continued to work hard releasing new music and signing Ibraah.

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Here we look at how Konde Worldwide outshined Wasafi in the last three months.

The consistent release of new music

Both Harmonize and Ibraah have been busy releasing new music. On a monthly basis, Harmonize has been releasing new music alongside videos. On the other hand, Ibraah has also been active with new projects. When compared to Wasafi, only Zuchu has been active in the market. Other Wasafi artistes like Lavalava and Rayvanny have been dormant releasing new music after months.

Album releases

Harmonize dropped a seventeen-track album mid-March under his new record label. Since dropping the album, Harmonize has been busy marketing the project. Interestingly, Harmonize has shot 17 videos for the album, something new. Additionally, Ibraah dropped his debut EP ‘steps’ that have been streamed at least 11 million times. Back at Wasafi, only Zuchu has released an EP ‘I am Zuchu’ that introduced her to the music industry.

The last album at Wasafi came in 2018 from Diamond thorough ‘Boy from Tandale’. However, Mbosso has announced the release of his new album in the near future.

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