5 Bongo Songs That Should Not Miss on Your Wedding Playlist

By Branice Nafula

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Swahili weddings are always known to be lovely thanks to the pomp and color that are synonymous with them.

The weddings always follow strict cultural traditions which dictate the manner of dressing, and generally how everything is conducted.

After the traditional bit is done, a couple is free to have a ceremony where they can engage with their friends and loved ones.

Such ceremonies call for good music. These article looks at 5 Bongo songs you can use to light up your Swahili or any other wedding you choose to have.

1. Iyena - Diamond Platnumz ft Rayvanny

‘Iyena’ is a beautiful wedding song clearly depicted in the visuals as the duo feature Diamond’s ex Zari Hassan. The song highlights the events of a wedding that starts out with the Islamic wedding celebration, after which the bride dons a white gown for her reception.  The whole song has a beautiful vibe to it, and should be one of the jams on your wedding playlist.


2. Usitie Doa - Aslay ft Khadija Kopa

‘Usitie Doa’ has been played in many Swahili weddings thanks to its insights on marriage. The jam highlights the beauty of marriage and its challenges. Khadija plays the motherly role of warning the bride to take care of her man before he is taken away by other women. There is no better way to start your marriage journey than by listening to this jam.

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3. Utarudi- Chege ft Maka Voice and Mau Sama

Done a year ago, Chege, Maka voice and Maua Sama bring out the beauty of marriage. In what seems like a reception kind of music, the trio remind the couple that once they are together, they bound for life.It is the kind of music you would dance to both at the procession and at the reception.


4. Wife –Harmonize ft Lady Jaydee

This beautiful track would be good for a procession in a wedding. The calmness of this sound makes you fall in love with it.


5. Washa- Karen

‘Washa’ is one of the most beautiful Bongo wedding songs. In the song, Karen highlights the beauty of love and how much she longs to be married. This jam can be played in a wedding procession.


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