5 Hilarious Quarantine Challenge Videos That Have Lit Up the Internet

By Branice Nafula

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As we keep jamming to Wasafi’s new all blown up ‘Quarantine’ track, the world seems to have fallen in love with this song.

Many hashtags have been created around the new jam with fans trying to develop interesting content around the song.

A number of videos and covers have been done with the best being shared by Diamond and his Wasafi crew.

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This article looks at some of the hilarious videos from the Quarantine dance challenge. The video are in no particular order:

1. Rayvanny’s Mama Kajikata audition

This was done by Rayvanny himself and has since been picked up by many TikTok users recreating that scene of the audition and it is totally worth your time.

2. Camalvlogs

He recreated Mbosso’s verse and truth is he did it well. His creativity is on point, and very exciting to watch.

3. Quarantine Dance By Princess Tiffah and Prince Nilan

Diamond Platnumz’s kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nilan excited internet users with their vibe to the song.

Their father posted the video on his Instagram page feeling all proud about his little girl and boy.

4. Sebomijang from South Korea

The travel content creator excited netizens with her own version of the challenge. She took the chance to showcase the little Swahili she knows, and it is hilarious.

5. Mose Iyobo’s version

The WCB lead dancer created his own version of the Quarantine dance where he intentionally falls into the pool fully dressed.

These are just a few samples of the challenges that stood out. Many other netizens have jumped on the trend, making the song bigger.


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