Watch Teyana Taylor In Highly Anticipated Video For 'Bare Wit Me' Single

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Teyana Taylor is reminding us that no woman likes it when her feelings are being toyed with courtesy of her new single ‘Bare Wit Me’. She has been teasing the video for close to a week now and she has finally dropped that too.

‘Bare Wit Me’ is a single about going against her own ethos as a result of her lover crossing her; a woman has to do what she has to do to get over someone I guess.

The single draws much from the R&B genre; has a lot of rhythm going on and Teyana brings in all the melody with the vocals she lays on it. It starts off with an acapella of sorts with Teyana introducing the single with some emotion packed vocals.

The video has been highly anticipated since the first teaser she released. Teyana features her hubby, Iman as her love interest. She channels Michael Jackson, with the clue that she is channeling the smooth criminal vibe to narrate the direction the video takes. Teyana and her girls are dancing in an ‘interrogation room’ and MJ must be happy with the choreography he has heavily inspired for this video.

Catch a vibe with Teyana Taylor on ‘Bare Wit Me’.

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