4 Coronavirus Lessons Musicians Should Learn

By Paul A.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has hit various sectors hard with entertainment among the most impacted. We no longer have concerts and performances because we have to stay at home as a safety measure. With any other crisis, there is need for changing the old ways and adapting to the current situation. Musicians have not been spared either and the current crisis has allowed us to learn new things to survive. Here are some of the survival lessons for musicians that we have learned so far.

Royalties are the game changer

There is no doubt that most musicians depend on live shows for making money and with the Coronavirus, it means it is no longer a viable source of income. This leaves us with royalties. In this case, musicians should come together and ensure that the royalties systems are tight for guaranteed revenue at all-time, because despite Coronavirus we are all listening to music.

Building networks

In any form of business, networking is key. Musicians should learn to build connections with their peers in the music industry. With such connections, musicians can share ideas on how to maneuver the industry once the pandemic is over. For example, we have Tanzanian musicians going on Instagram live with other musicians to catch up and come up with fresh ideas. Recently Nandy engaged Nigeria’s Duke to talk about new music.


The music industry is a fast-moving world and those who can adapt will survive. The Coronavirus pandemic has introduced a new norm meaning that we can longer do things the same way. In this case, musicians must churn for new ways to survive post Coronavirus period instead of waiting for things to go back to normal.

Building an online audience

We have seen many musicians conducting online concerts and Lady Jaydee has been at the forefront blessing us with her classics. All this cannot happen without an online audience. Additionally, an online audience can be a perfect platform to monetize your music by getting tips via live performances.

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