Lydia Jazmine Explains Why Having Children is not Her Priority Now

By Gloria

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Being a public figure means that famous women 'of a certain age' are often subjected to invasive questions about whether or not they are planning to have a children. Most artistes always evade the question choosing to address other issues.

In a recent interview, Ugandan artiste Lydia Jazmine was confronted with the same question, and she gladly answered it stating that she is not ready to have children now.

"I started out in this industry in 2013, and when I sit back, I wish I had given birth earlier in 2012 before I came into music. My baby would be grown right now. When you start out in the industry, it gets tough. That is why many people drop out of school when they join music. Most times you have to choose music and when you do, you have to concentrate on it.

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“These are hard to put together with music that is why I decided to do music first. But I gave myself a time frame and when it elapses, I will have my own kids," Jazmine said.

She divulged that she is on her peak now, and getting a kid now will interfere with her music progress, and shutter her career.

"Settling and having kids right now as a musician is hard. Now is the time to concentrate and push even harder because fans have finally given me their attention. If I resort to giving birth, It means I will have destroyed my two years. You know our fans are so demanding and are not patient. If you decide, you can do it but you have to know you are sacrificing that year without being active or performing. At this point, It is not what I want.

"This is my prime time to work and that is why I regret not having given birth at an earlier age before music,” she said.

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