Weekend Recapp; Juliani's One Day Live Concert

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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The weekend came, the president spoke and we were served with 21 more days of curfew and mini-lockdown and 30 days of total lockdown on the Tanzania and Somalia borders. With this, it means that we can only continue to enjoy online concerts and clubbing. That was well served with our regular weekend resident DJs but we concentrate on the main showcase of the weekend; JULIANI!!!

Juliani served us with a concert that people have been demanding for for a couple of weeks. It was a live concert streaming on both Facebook and YouTube dubbed ‘One Day Concert’; taken from his single ‘One Day’ because we are staying hopeful.

Juliani is one of the veteran cross-contemporary hip-hop artists in Kenya. His music ranges from gospel, street consciousness, activism and provocative political pieces. Juliani, single-handedly changed the hip-hop live performance scene in Kenya when he went on stage for the first time with a live band de-constructing the way hip-hop artists delivered their art on stage.

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That mentioned, Juliani delivered a concert that was off the chains. He had clear and great sound and his band which is ever on fire kept things well synchronized. It was a live-live concert like he was reading comments and prompts and all. Juliani gave us music sampling all his albums.

The concert was put together by CTA. Juliani performed for about one and a half hours. Again, Juliani reminded us that he is king in this scene.


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