Artist of the Day: Meet rock band that goes beyond all boundaries, Rash Band

The general perception of some music genres here in Kenya is quite mediocre, full of hysterical hear say and illogic thoughts. “Rock music is a symphony by the Devil!” My teacher would always say, and I would nod in agreement almost doing an 800 meter dash away from any scene I heard playing the genre.

It’s funny how an idea can really influence one’s life and thinking. I was being taught how to think instead of been allowed to think for myself. Well this idea changed with time as I matured and rationality kicked in.

Here is Kenyan Rock band that has chosen to wear the crown of controversies and despite all the stereotypes surrounding  Rock Music they are able to do what they do best; rock and roll! Meet Rash Band!

The band’s first official release of Darkness and Witchcraft has been playing on Radio stations around Kenya like XFM and the band of six has been able to perform before large crowds in clubs all over Nairobi.

They are currently  working on the video for “Darkness and Witchcraft” and are set to release their first full length official album later this year. The front man Sam turns in as engaging a performance that makes audiences want to listen to them more.

Rash takes the atmosphere and emotion of pink floyd the power and presence of rage against the machine the charm and charisma of muse and a dash of funk and groove from the chilli. Throw that all in a blender and give it a good thrashing for 3-6 minutes and that is Rash” the Band stated when asked to describe themselves.

Occasionally you have found yourself hearing a song from a little known band which you instantly imaginea and replay all day long. Well, Darkness and Witchcraft is such a tune.  


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